Why Bangladesh & Rangpur

Why Bangladesh

  • Duration 5 Years, Best FMGE Passing Rate, NO MCI Coaching Required
  • FREE Internship, Internship in Bangladesh is Also Valid in India.
  • Weather, Culture, Food, Syllabus, Teaching Pattern and Language is same as India
  • Nearest Location, Lowest Time & Cost of Travel, Education Loan is also available
  • Vegetarian Food is easily available. Cost of Vegetable is low & Quality is very good
  • Hostel within Campus (Safe, Time & Transportation Cost Saving)
  • Hospital within Campus, Best Exposure (Associate Hospital is available in other countries)
  • Many Indian Students are already Studying. Bangladesh is “Dry Country” Good for safety
  • Bangladesh is 3rd Largest Country with Hindu Population. Total Population 158,000,000, 8.5% Population follow Hinduism, Approx 13,500,000 (Source Wikipedia)
  • Fast Growing Tourism Industry (Cox’s Bazaar, World’s Longest Unbroken Beach & Sundarban, world’s biggest mangrove forest and many other places for tourist)
  • Diplomatic & Industrial Relations between India and Bangladesh are Very good and stable

Why Rangpur

  • More approachable for Indian students, Low cost of traveling, International flight not required
  • Low living cost, if you compare from Dhaka
  • Climate of the city is better than rest of the country
  • Politically stable if you compare with Dhaka and other cities
  • Better clinical rotation as number of big hospitals is less and flow of patients is good
  • Safe, secure and most suitable environment for medical education
  • Many other benefits

Why not other countries

  • Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are cold countries, where living conditions are different and 2 to 5 months temperature remains below Zero degree. Increased cost of worm clothes and less time for studies as days time is less in winter session.
  • Students need to attend classes for local language and also need to pass in language test, which is again a burden on other medical subjects. You are there for
  • Students also need to compromise with Food as eating habits are different, cost of food is high and during winter it increases further due to frozen food.
  • Syllabus is also different, in many universities proper English speaking faculties are also not available.
  • Low cost of travel and less travel time are also advantages of Bangladesh
  • And many other benefits make Bangladesh best choice for eligible students.

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