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Prime Medical College & Hospital, Rangpur, Bangladesh – Hospital Building

The Prime Medical College Hospital was formally started its function on 17 August 2007 with a bed capacity of 310 which has now been extended to 750 beds. It is a tertiary care medical facility.

The hospital provides all sorts of Medical & Surgical services. The Hospital has well equipped medical, general surgical, obstertics and gynaecological, paeditric, Anaesthesiology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Dermatology, Ophthamology, Orthopedic Surgery, ENT, Urology, Neurosurgery Unit & Neonatal ICU.

The Additional services are Dialysis Centre Digital Color Doppler, Specialist Consultation Centre, Diagnostic Centre supported with modern equipments.

The diagnostic laboratory has the facilities of doing Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology & Histopathological examination. The institute continues to acquire sophisticated medical equipments. Nephrology unit with dialysis, CT scan, Imaging, Digital X-Ray, ESWL stone crush machine have been added very recently.

Renowned specialists, highly skilled technical, nursing aids and supporting staffs contribute to the reputation of this Hospital as a Medical Centre of Excellence in this region.

The hospital also has a good physiotherapy clinic, Blood Bank & Dental unit. The ambulance service is available for 24 hours. Emergency department remains open round the clock. There is a large medicine store in hospital which remains open for 24 hours from where all medical & surgical requirements are available at a cheaper rate.

The hospital conducts clinico-social services (cataract operation, cleft-lip & cleft-palat operation) for the poor section of the society. These activities are performed free of cost. Dutch Bangla Bank is the main partner of these services.

Facilities Provided :

Mobile Hospital Six Extensive Equipped Operating Theaters Accident and Emergency  (A&E)
Ambulance Service Blood Bank Cardiac Non Invasive Laboratory
Coronary Care Unit Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Video Endoscopy Haemodialysis
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Laparoscopic Surgery Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Color Doppler Echocardiography  Outpatient Department (OPD) Sophisticated X-ray/CT Scan
Ultrasound Reference Pathology Laboratory Vaccination for Children

Teaching Staff: All departments have well qualified members in their teaching staff, trained in Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United States and other countries. The Management and the teaching staff are highly motivated and sincerely interested in Optimal patient care, and in the teaching of medical students and junior doctor. Excellent and intensive supervision is provided to them.

Inpatients: This consists of non payment male and female beds, paying beds, and cabins for patients to be admitted. The college and Hospital have a well organized system of Interns, Assistant Registers and Registrars in training positions. Admission of patients cover a wide range of pathology giving excellent exposure for training of students. All admissions are covered by Associate Professors and above. Morning and evening rounds, as well as weekend round are conducted by them on a regular basis. In addition, they come to the Hospital when they are called even during odd hours. Patients care is supported by adequate radiology and Pathology Services for investigation.

Intensive Care Unit/ Coronary Care Unit/ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: The intensive Care Unit has 8 beds and critically ill patients are routinely admitted with a high percentage of bed occupancy. The Coronary Care Unit has 8 beds where acute hear disease patients are admitted. The ICU and the CCU often receive referrals from BIRDEM, Dhaka Medical College and other institutions in Bangladesh. They are well quipped with ventilators, Cardiac monitors, CVP lines and monitoring, Puls oximeter, and are staffed by physicians 24 hours a day throughout the year. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has 3 incubators and ventilator for the management of critically ill newborns.

Outpatients: The Hospital has a busy Outpatient Department. Patients may obtain consultation at a minimal charge. There is also a fast track system through which patients may be seen by a consultant of choice, immediately, on payment of a higher charge. There is an evening shift that starts at 3pm and is open till 9pm on all working day.

Emergency: The Hospital has a fully functioning Emergency Department that provides coverage during the evening, night and during holidays. It has its own set of doctors who are free to seek help from other services. Academic activities of the hospital:

Students Teaching: All assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors teach the students who are placed in the wards everyday in the morning. Students are placed in small groups. Teaching in the morning is primarily done by Faculty Members. Registers teach the students in the evening session. Students are required to complete their cards and other assessment criteria before being allowed to take the MBBS final professional examinations.

Post Graduate Teaching: Regular postgraduate teaching is imparted to Registrars, Assistant Registrars and Interns with regard to theory, diagnosis and management of patients. Registrars and Assistant Registrars are encouraged to attend teaching sessions in class rooms and wards. Complicated cases are routinely discussed with them with a view to train them in the management of patients. Assistant Registrars have hands on training in management of patients. The Intensive Care Unit and the Coronary Care Unit serve as ideal points for teaching on critically ill patients.

Journal Club: Journal Club Meeting is held in clinical departments once in a week and are attended by all members of the Department. Papers are read by the members of the Faculty, interns and junior doctors take part and important
journals are regularly covered.

Morning Session: Daily discussion meetings are held every morning in clinical departments with interns, Assistant Registrars and Faculty Members. Interesting cases that were admitted the previous day are presented i n detail by the interns and the Assistant Registrars along with the Consultant on call for the day. Symptoms, physical signs, diagnosis, investigations like X-rays, ECG and laboratory test are discussed in detail along with management plans. The morning session is well attended and is an excellent teaching and learning session for all.

Scientific Seminar: Seminar on topics of current interest/new discoveries/new therapeutic methods are held on regular basis in the college/hospital premises.

Day by day, Hospital is achieving new heights of popularity and number of patients are also increasing.

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